Offshore Technology Innovation Centre (OTIC)

Offshore Technology Innovation Centre (OTIC)
Goal: To develop knowledge and innovation for decarbonization and digitalization of all offshore processes and sustainable development of the oceans
Coordinator: Kazuo Nishimoto
Host Institution: School of Engineering, University of São Paulo (POLI-USP)
Business partner: Shell Group
+55 11 3091-0700

FAPESP Process 2022/03698-8
Term: nov 2022 to Oct 2027

OTIC develops ocean surface and subsea systems that give impetus to the technological development necessary for the “offshore of tomorrow”, focusing on decarbonization of energy production in the ocean and digitalization to guarantee the safety of offshore operations.

OTIC is the newest FAPESP ERC in partnership with Shell Brazil. Other industry partnerships are possible to generate innovation and technologies for the “offshore of tomorrow”.

The Center was born out of a strong partnership between the University of São Paulo (USP) and the São Paulo State Institute for Technological Research (IPT). It has five programs and 24 projects in a matrix format. Its multidisciplinary approach will advance the knowledge necessary for the energy transition in current offshore oil and gas production and the new era of renewable energies without greenhouse gas emissions.


1. NPO – New Processes and Operations
2. LCP – Low-Carbon Power
3. DGT – Digital Transformation
4. NMT – Novel Materials and Nanotechnology
5. HSE – Health, Safety, Environment and Circular Economy