Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence in Health (CIIA-Health)

Centers of Artificial Intelligence
Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence in Health (CIIA-Health)

Virgilio Augusto Fernandes Almeida
Host Institution: Institute of Exact Sciences, Federal University of Minas Gerais (ICEx-UFMG)
Ministry of Science,Technology andInnovation (MCTI)
Ministry of Communications (MCom)
Internet Steering Committee in Brazil (

FAPESP Process 2020/09866-4
Term: Aug 2023 to Jul 2028

The focus of CIIA-Health is the research and development of artificial intelligence techniques and solutions for self-care, to assist health professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and to help health managers plan preventive actions and care, while optimizing the use of resources and broadly improving the health of the Brazilian population.

It is a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional center integrating STEM and health areas. It is based at UFMG and partners with nine higher education institutions in the Southeast, South and north regions of the country, as well as four companies in the areas of health, technology and education.

The team consists of 130 researchers, who work on the following five fronts:

1. Disease prevention and improvements to the quality of life.
2. Diagnosis, prognosis and screening.
3. Therapeutics and personalized medicine.
4. Health systems and management
5. Epidemics and disasters