Center of Excellence in Applied Research on Artificial Intelligence for Industry

Centers of Artificial Intelligence
Center of Excellence in Applied Research on Artificial Intelligence for Industry

Goal: to implement an open digital data science and artificial intelligence platform for industry 4.0
Coordinator: Antônio José da Silva Neto / Davidson Martins Moreira
Host Institution: Manufacturing and Technology Integrated Campus, SENAI CIMATEC, Salvador, Bahia
Ministry of Science,Technology andInnovation (MCTI)
Ministry of Communications (MCom)
Internet Steering Committee in Brazil (

FAPESP Process 2020/09770-7
Term: Mar 2023 to Feb 2028

This ERC aims to leverage the modernization, competitiveness, and scientific and technological development of the Brazilian industry by accelerating and popularizing the application of AI, and to help the Brazilian government provide a digital environment for Industrial Artificial Intelligence (I-AI), as a basis for the modernization of production processes and the generation of new knowledge-intensive

The development of this platform will be fostered by a network of researchers who will share their knowledge in integrated and interdisciplinary research projects. The integration of AI skills and experiences in this network will contribute to a national plan for education and knowledge dissemination, with the training of qualified human resources.

All of these activities will lead to the creation of innovative products and intellectual property, generating patents and registered software, promoting technology transfer and seeking to create innovative opportunities for sustainable and ethical industrial development.