Center for Applied Research in AI for the Evolution of Industries to Standard 4.0

Centers of Artificial Intelligence
Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence for the Evolution of Industries to Standard 4.0

Coordinator: Jefferson de Oliveira Gomes
Host Institution: Institute for Technological Research (IPT)/São Paulo State Department of Economic Development
Ministry of Science,Technology andInnovation (MCTI)
Ministry of Communications (MCom)
Internet Steering Committee in Brazil (

FAPESP Process 2020/09850-0
Term: Mar 2023 to Feb 2028

Hosted by IPT, the center has eight founding industrial partners, and 85 researchers from Brazilian universities and research institutes.

Seven research institutions and universities sit on its international council, and it is run by amanagement committee comprising specialists from the sector and academia. Its mission is to develop technologies for the implementation of artificial intelligence on an industrial scale incooperation with the network of partners.

It will build an artificial intelligence platform to enable the accelerationand digitalization of Brazilian industry, conducting R&D, executing proofs of concept and installing demonstration plants.

The process will also involve knowledge diffusion and technology transfer integrated into an innovation ecosystem.The research projects are guided by the challenges of the industries on six major themes:

1. Monitoring and Control in Real-Time;

2. Digital Twin;

3. Interoperability and Chain Integration;

4. Prescriptive Maintenance andIntelligent Operation;

5. Autonomous Systems, Robotics, andMachine Tools;

6. Cybersecurity