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Impact Evaluation of FAPESP's Programs

FAPESP is engaged in evaluating the multidimensional impacts of its programs and instruments. In the past decade several programs have been evaluated measuring scientific, technological, economic, and social impacts.

This page presents reports, articles in journals and other documents presenting the methodologies and results of the evaluations already implemented. It also provides links for documents from other funding agencies and for events related to evaluation of STI activities.

Manuals and documents of reference

Evaluation of the Small Business Innovation Research Program in Japan

Evaluation Revisited Improving the Quality of Evaluative Practice by Embracing Complexity - Conference report

World Bank/IDB - Impact Evaluation in Practice - Second edition

NSF - Doctorate Recipients from U.S. Universities

NSF - Evaluation of the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program

NSF - Framework for Evaluating Impacts of Broadening Participation Projects

NSF - Perspectives on Broader Impacts

NSF - Science and Engineering Indicators 2016

OECD - Measuring Innovation: A new perspective

Overview of Evaluation Methods for R&D Programs

Overview of Models of Performance-Based Research Funding Systems (PRFS)

Research Councils UK - Efficiency 2011-15: Ensuring Excellence with Impact

Research Councils UK - Evaluation: Practical Guidelines

Research Councils UK - Financial Sustainability and Efficiency in Full Economic Costing of Research in UK Higher Education Institutions

Research Excellence Framework - Assessment framework and guidance on submissions

TAFTIE - Evaluation Reference Model

Tekes Review - Better results, more value: A framework for analysing the societal impact of Research and Innovation

The Metric Tide - Report of the Independent Review of the Role of Metrics in Reseaech Assessment and Management

Vinnova's Focus on Impact: A Joint Approach for Logic Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Analysis

What is the relationship between public and private investment in R&D?

Related events

European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation – EU-SPRI. "STI Policies for Sustainable Development Goals". Rome, June 5-7, 2019

18th ISS Conference. "The Impact of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to Economy and Employment: a Schumpeterian perspective". Rome, TBD - June or July, 2020

XVII International Triple Helix Conference 2019. "The Triple Helix – A Catalyst for Change" Cape Town, September 9-11, 2019

17th International Conference on Scientometrics & Infometrics. Rome, September 2-5, 2019

14th European Evaluation Society Biennial Conference. TBD. September, 2019

American Evaluation Association Conference 2019. "SPaths to the Future of Evaluation: Contribution, Leadership, and Renewal". Minneapolis, September 11-16, 2019.

 International Conference on Cybermetrics, Scientometrics, Informetrics and Bibliometrics. Barcelona, October 24-25, 2019.

Reports and Executive Summaries of Program Evaluation

English versions will be available soon.

BIOTA - Research Program on Biodiversity: Evaluation | Executive Summary

(evaluated period: 1998–2009 | concluded in: 07/2012)

SCHOLARSHIPS: Evaluation | Executive Summary

(evaluated period: 1995–2009 | concluded in: 07/2012)

MULTI-USER EQUIPMENT: Evaluation | Executive Summary

(evaluated period: 1998–2009 | concluded in: 07/2012)

YOUNG INVESTIGATOR: Evaluation | Executive Summary

(evaluated period: 1995–2006 | concluded in: 04/2008)

PIPE – Small Business: Evaluation | Executive Summary

(evaluated period: 1997–2006 | concluded in: 04/2008)

PITE – Industry – Academic partnership: Evaluation | Executive Summary

(evaluated period: 1995–2006 | concluded in: 04/2008)

PUBLIC POLICIES: Evaluation | Executive Summary

(evaluated period: 1998–2006 | concluded in: 04/2008)

Articles and books on impact evaluation of FAPESP Programs

The 'added value' of researchers: the impact of doctorate holders on economic development

Adriana Bin, Sergio Salles-Filho, Fernando A.B. Colugnati, Fábio Rocha Campos.
Auriol, L. et al. (2016), "The Science and Technology Labor Force: The Value of Doctorate Holders and Development of Professional Careers", Springer.

Employment, research performance and decentralization: The experience and perspectives of doctorate holders in Brazil

Adriana Bin, Ana M. Carneiro, Sergio Salles-Filho, Fernando A. B. Colugnati
Sci Public Policy (2015) 42 (5): 646-660. 19 January 2015.

What difference does it make? Impact of peer-reviewed scholarships on scientific production

Adriana Bin, Sergio Salles-Filho, Luiza Maria Capanema, Fernando Antonio Basile Colugnati.
Scientometrics, February 2015, Volume 102, Issue 2, pp 1167–1188,

A propensity score approach in the impact evaluation on the scientific production in Brazilian biodiversity research: the BIOTA Program

Fernando A. B. Colugnati, Sergio Firpo, Paula F. Drummond de Castro, Juan E. Sepulveda, Sergio L. M. Salles-Filho.
Scientometrics, October 2014, Volume 101, Issue 1, pp 85–107,

Avaliação de programa de apoio à infraestrutura de ciência, tecnologia e inovação: Equipamentos Multiusuários (EMU), da FAPESP" - Rede Brasileira de Monitoramento e Avaliação 2012

Paula F. D. de Castro, Fernando A. B. Colugnati, Luiz F. R. Vazzoler, Carolina T. Rio, Fábio R. Campos, Camila Zeitoum, Sergio L. M. Salles-Filho.
IV Seminário da Rede Brasileira de Monitoramento e Avaliação, Rio de Janeiro, 2012.

Aplicação do Método Quase-experimental para Avaliação de Resultados e Impactos de Programas de CT&I : um estudo a partir do Programa BIOTA/FAPESP

Sergio L.M. Salles-Filho, Paula Drummond de Castro, Camila Zeitoum, Fernando Colugnati, Juan Ernesto O.S. Alonso, Sergio Pinheiro Firpo.
XI Congreso Latino-Americano de Gestión Tecnológica, Puebla, Mexico, 2011.

Avaliação de Programas de Fomento à Pesquisa no Brasil: O caso do Programa Equipamentos Multiusuários da FAPESP

Carolina Rio, Sergio Salles Filho, Solange Corder, Maria Isabel Vélez, Luiz Vazzoler.
XI Congreso Latino-Americano de Gestión Tecnológica, Puebla, Mexico, 2011.

Evaluation of Biodiversity Research Program

Sergio L. M. Salles Filho, Paula Felício Drummond de Castro, Camila Zeitoum, Fernando Colugnati, Fabio Perin de Sá
IAIA11 Conference Proceedings Impact Assessment and Responsible Development for Infrastructure, Business and Industry.
31st Annual Meeting of the International Association for Impact Assessment, Puebla, Mexico, 2011.

Evaluation of ST&I programs: a methodological approach to the Brazilian Small Business Program and some comparisons with the SBIR program

Sergio Salles-Filho, Maria Beatriz Bonacelli, Ana Maria Carneiro, Paula F Drummond de Castro, Fernando Oliveira Santos.
Research Evaluation (2011) 20 (2): 159-171. 01 June 2011.

Parque de Equipamentos de Pesquisa - FAPESP

Geraldo Di Giovanni, Helena Maria Cunha do Carmo Antunes, Eugênia Maria Reginato Charnet, Jocimar Archangelo.
FAPESP, 2007.

Assessment of scientific programs: a necessary procedure for Brazilian scientific policy – the Young Investigator Program of the State of São Paulo Research Foundation

Carlos A. de Pian e Rogerio Meneghini.
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências (2007) 79(3): 543-562.