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Parallel FAPESP and NSF Program Announcements for Catalyzing New International Collaborations

Parallel FAPESP and NSF Program Announcements for Catalyzing New International Collaborations

The Catalyzing New International Collaborations (CNIC) program will support workshops and pilot projects of up to $ 100,000 from each Agency(photo: John McCormick/Virginia Tech/NSF)

Researchers at the São Paulo State may submit proposals for Regular Research Awards of up to $ 100,000 in association with U.S. colleagues who submit proposals for research funding within the NSF Catalyzing New International Collaborations (CNIC) Program.

Through this program, NSF provides funds for planning visits, small workshops and pilot research projects of up to $ 100,000. Details can be found at:  

NSF provides funding for U.S. investigators to organize research cooperation with colleagues from other countries. For each awarded proposal, NSF will provide funds for the American Principal Investigator but not for the foreign partner expenses.
By funding collaborative research projects in the São Paulo State, FAPESP increases the possibility that the associations of Sao Paulo investigators with the US partners result in larger and more ambitious scientific projects.
The proposals must be submitted to NSF by the researcher in the United States until September 1st. FAPESP is accepting submissions from associated researchers in the São Paulo State until October 10th.
"The establishment of international research collaborations contribute to increase the impact of the Science done in Sao Paulo. This interaction will create opportunities for collaboration with U.S. scientists who are among the best in the world, also because of the strong selectivity of the NSF”, said Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, FAPESP's Scientific Director.
Proposals must be submitted in English to FAPESP by researchers affiliated with institutions of the State of São Paulo.
Proposals must be submitted as Regular Research Awards, following all the conditions and restrictions of this scheme, except for the specific conditions set out in this Call for Proposals. Only proposals involving both agencies will be eligible to FAPESP. All proposals must have a PI from NSF and PI from the State of São Paulo.
More information about this Call can be found in its complete text at: