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Results of the First ESPCA Call for Proposals

Seven proposals were approved in the first So Paulo School of Advanced Science (SPSAS) Call for Proposals (photo: Eduardo Cesar)

FAPESP announces the results of the first Escola So Paulo de Cincia Avanada(So Paulo School of Advanced Science, SPSAS) Call for Proposals (FAPESP Call for Proposals 18/2009), published 5 October, 2009

The goal of the So Paulo School of Advanced Science (SPSAS)—a funding option made available via the mechanism Research Support – Organization of a Scientific Meeting (or Event)—is to create opportunities for researchers from So Paulo to organize events that attract young students or postdoctoral researchers from other countries and regions, encouraging them to interact with local students and researchers and to debate cutting-edge scientific topics.

The following proposals were selected:

Application N Project Title Institution Principal Investigator Web page
2009/54192-2 So Paulo Advanced School of Computing: Image Processing and Visualization University of So Paulo Institute of Mathematics and Statistics Carlos Eduardo Ferreira
2009/54326-9 2nd Brazil Workshop of the Game Theory Society in Honor of John Nash, on the Occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Nash Equilibrium University of So Paulo School of Economics, Administration, and Accounting Marilda Antonia de Oliveira Sotomayor
2009/54527-4 1st So Paulo School of Translational Science A.C. Camargo Cancer Hospital/Antnio Prudente Foundation Emmanuel Dias Neto www.schoolscience
2009/54529-7 The So Paulo School of Advanced Studies in Speech Dynamics State University at Campinas Institute for Language Studies/Unicamp Eleonora Cavalcante Albano dinafon.preface.
2009/54592-0 1st So Paulo School of Advanced Science: Spintronics and Quantum Computation Institute of Physics, University of So Paulo, So Carlos Campus Jos Carlos Egues de Menezes www.spin2010.
2009/54525-1 So Paulo Advanced School on Primary Immunodeficiencies: Unraveling Human Immunophysiology University of So Paulo School of Medicine Magda Carneiro-Sampaio
2009/54666-4 Advanced School on New Developments in the Field of Synchrotron Radiation Brazilian Association for Synchrotron Light Technology/Ministry of Science & Technology) Yves Pierre Petroff http://espca.

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