Types of support from FAPESP

The State of São Paulo Research Foundation funds projects submitted by researchers attached to institutions in the State of São Paulo and the decision whether or not to fund them is always made on the basis of the merit of each project, as assessed by scientific and technological advisors.

Funding for scientific and technological research is always carried out by FAPESP by means of fellowships and financial awards, in various forms.

The fellowships and financial awards are allocated within the ambit of three lines: Regular Line, which includes those requests made spontaneously by researchers and grant-holders, individually or for the development of projects involving groups of researchers, the so-called Thematic Projects; Special Programs, which cater for the demand directed towards specific programs, created by FAPESP for the purposes of training human resources, the modernization of laboratories or the encouragement of research in new areas of knowledge; and Research Innovation, which caters for the demand from projects the results of which develop new technology and have practical application.

Assessment process

The system for analyzing projects adopted by the Foundation is assessment by peers. In agreementance with this procedure, all requests for funding or fellowships addressed to FAPESP, framed in whichever of its lines and programs, are assessed by ad hoc advisors, be they scientists or technologists, or other specialists of recognized competence, always in agreementance with the nature and area of discipline of each project.

FAPESP has a vast network of these voluntary advisors - more than 6 thousand -, the majority active researchers in the State of São Paulo, and hundreds of researchers scattered throughout Brazil and abroad.

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