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SPRINT has its fourth call for proposals in 2018

SPRINT has its fourth call for proposals in 2018

FAPESP will fund the mobility of researchers from the State of São Paulo with ten institutions abroad (photo: Duke University)

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) announces the fourth call for proposals in 2018 under the SPRINT – São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration initiative.

The call for proposals has the purpose of promoting the engagement of researchers affiliated with higher education and research institutions in the State of São Paulo in partnership with researchers abroad in order to further develop qualitatively the ongoing research projects and work cooperatively, aiming at the elaboration of joint research projects for medium and long term.

The new call details the conditions to proposal submission for the mobility of researchers with eleven institutions that hold cooperation agreements with FAPESP:

- Australian Technology Network, Australia

- Brunel University London, United Kingdom

- CALDO Consortium - University of Waterloo and Western University, Canada

- Duke University, United States

- Emory University, United States

- Leiden University, Netherlands

- Lund University, Sweden

- Texas Tech University, United States

- Universität Hamburg, Germany

- University of Illinois, United States

- University of Southampton, United Kingdom

FAPESP considers eligible to submit proposals to this call Principal Investigators within the following funding lines: Regular Research Awards, Thematic Projects, Young Investigators, Research, Innovation and Dissemination Centers (CEPIDs/RIDCs), Public Education Research Program, Research in Public Policies, and Research Partnership for Technological Innovation (PITE). Co-Principal Investigators of ongoing Thematic Projects, CEPIDs/RIDCs and PITEs are also eligible to apply.

Submissions to FAPESP must be sent exclusively through SAGe System (

The closing date is January 28, 2019.

The call will also receive proposals from researchers whose partners are from institutions with which FAPESP does not have a current agreement or with which FAPESP has current agreements but the institutions are not joining the current SPRINT edition.

The call for proposals SPRINT 4/2018 is published at