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FAPESP and NWO announce new call for proposals

FAPESP and NWO announce new call for proposals

Cooperative projects in ecosystem restoration between researchers in the State of So Paulo and in the Netherlands will be funded (photo: Wikimedia)

The So Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) announce the sixth call of joint research projects under the scientific cooperation agreement between institutions.

“Ecosystem restoration” is the theme for the call and especifically the Brazilian Atlantic Forest as a case study. The funded projects combined will focus on ecosystem services, multi-functional landscape use and biodiversity, with the ultimate aim to contribute to effective restoration and sustainable use of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

Project proposals must be jointly written by researchers formally associated with public or private Higher education or research institutions in the State of So Paulo, Brazil and universities or NWO-acknowledged research institutions in the Netherlands.

It is expected that research activities be conducted on both sides, including the exchange of researchers, and that the project and the intellectual contribution is evenly balanced between So Paulo and the Netherlands.

It is envisaged that applications will be for a balanced partnership, not specifically in monetary terms but with equivalent research commitment and efforts from both sides.

Researchers must consult FAPESP regarding their eligibility for funding by either Regular Research Projects, Thematic Research Projects or Young Investigator Awards before elaborating the project. Only those researchers who are considered eligible should submit proposals.

Researchers have until August 1st, 2018 to consult their eligibility. The deadline for proposal submission is September, 13th.

The call for proposals is published at:

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