March 15 (Fri.) , 2013

9:00-9:30 (30min.)   Welcome coffee
9:30-9:50 (20min.) Opening Remarks
Dr. Yuichiro ANZAI, President of JSPS
Dr. Celso LAFER, President of FAPESP
Dr. Tomoya YOSHIOKA, President of Rikkyo University
H. E. Marcos Bezerra Abbott Galvao, Ambassador of Brazil to Japan

Culture and Society

Prof. Hiroaki MARUYAMA

Japan  Japanese Migrants in the Amazon: Their Dreams and Reality
Hiroaki MARUYAMA, Professor, College of Arts, Rikkyo University 
Brazil Advancing the Research of Japanese-Brazilian Immigrants
Sedi HIRANO, Emeritus Professor, Department of Sociology, University of São Paulo
10:30-10:50 (20min.) Coffee break
Japan  The Japanese-Brazilian community in Japan and the "Brazilian diaspora" in the world
Angelo ISHI, Professor, Faculty of Sociology, Musashi University
Brazil The Japanese-Brazilian culture, a confluence of cultures
Célia SAKURAI, IDESP, Núcleo de Estudos de População
Japan  Acculturation and Ethnic Boundary Maintenance - Japanese Religions in Brazil and Brazilian Religions in Japan
Masako WATANABE, Professor, Faculty of Sociology, Meiji Gakuin University
11:50-12:10 (20min.) Brazil Judicial cooperation between Brazil and Japan in civil and criminal matters
Masato NINOMIYA, Professor, Department of International Law, University of São Paulo
12:10-13:40 (90min.) Lunch break* 
*Please note that lunch is not served to the audience      

Session 2
Economy and Development

Prof. Marcos Silveira BUCKERIDGE

Brazil Economic, Social and Environmental Aspects of Agriculture and Agribusiness in Brazil
Joaquim José Martins GUILHOTO, Professor, Department of Economics, University of São Paulo
Japan  Agribusiness and Sustainability in Brazil
Yoichi KOIKE, Professor, School of Economics, Ritsumeikan University
Brazil Perspectives on Bioethanol Research in Brazil
Marcos Silveira BUCKERIDGE, Professor, Institute of Biosciences, University of São Paulo and INCT do Bioetanol
Japan Agroforestry as a Tool for Sustainable Rural Development in Brazil
Masaaki YAMADA, Senior Assistant Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
15:00-15:20 (20min.) discussion
15:20-15:40 (20min.) Coffee break 

Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation

Prof. Roberto BERLINCK

Brazil Challenges in Marine Biodiversity and Biodiscovery
Roberto BERLINCK, Professor, Institute of Chemistry in São Carlos, University of São Paulo
Japan Prevention of Illegal Deforestation in Amazon Forest using the ALOS/PALSAR
Makoto ONO, Advisory Scientist, Data Analysis and application Division, Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan
Brazil Environmental changes in tropical landscapes: impacts and conservation in Brazil
Maria Victoria Ramos BALLESTER, Associate Professor, CENA, University of São Paulo
Japan Threats to and Conservation of Wetland Environments in the Pantanal
Keiichiro YOSHIDA, Associate Professor, College of Education and Human Science, Yokohama National University
17:00-17:20 (20min.) Q&A


March 16 (Sat.), 2013

9:00-9:15 (15min.)   Welcome coffee
Special speech 9:15-9:25 Japan Strength and Reliability Analyses of Energy and Marine Transportation Structures
Shuji AIHARA, Professor, Department of Environmental Ocean Engineering, School of Engineering, Tokyo University

Session 4
Medicine and Pharmacology
Japan Chagas' disease in non-endemic countries
Tsutomu TAKEUCHI, Dean of Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University
Brazil Plasmodium vivax in Brazil: pathogenesis and vaccine development
Fabio Trindade Maranhão COSTA, Associate Professor, Institute of Biology, University of Campinas
Japan Rapid diagnosis of viral infectious diseases
Shigeo KOYASU, Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Keio University
Brazil Obesity and Diabetes
Licio Augusto VELLOSO, Professor, School of Medical Sciences, University of Campinas
10:50-11:10 (20min.) Coffee break
11:10-11:30 (20min.) discussion
11:30-11:45 (15min.) Special speech
Science and Technology in the State of São Paulo – Brazil
Dr. José Arana Varela, CEO,  FAPESP
11:45-11:55 (20min.) Closing Remarks
Mr. Hisashi Kato, Director of International Department, JSPS
Dr. Celso Lafer, President of FAPESP


Session 1
Culture and Society
Key words: Advancing the research of Japanese-Brazilians immigrants: Frontier and prospects, Nikkey Society in Brazil and Japan: Assignments and prospects, Acculturation and cultural representation (Japanese culture in Brazil and Brazilian culture in Japan, etc.)
Session 2
Economy and Development
Key words: Agricultural development and agribusiness (Cerrado development, etc), Biofuels, Sustainable development (Agroforestry, etc)
Session 3
Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation
Key words: Biodiversity, Ecological genetics, Tropical forest conservation in the Amazon, Utlization of ALOS Images to protect Amazon forest, Forest resources and livelihood in the Amazon Wetland, Conservation in the Pantanal
Session 4
Medicine and Pharmacology
Key words: Medicine and healthcare (Cancer research, etc), Tropical diseases, Parasitism, Global infectious diseases, Human genetics and genetic diseases research (HTLV-I, HLA, etc)