• Rapid diagnosis improves prevention and control of STDs

    Identification of sexually transmitted viral infections such as those caused by HIV should be prioritized according to the difficulty of their treatment and the burden on health, says Keio University researcher

  • Impacts of changes in land use on bodies of water

    The expansion of sugarcane and soybean cultivation and the replacement of forests by pastureland affect the chemical composition and biodiversity of rivers and lakes, notes USP professor

  • Japan-Brazil Symposium stimulates research partnerships

    Presentations on research projects underway in the two countries, exchanges of scientists and support opportunities offered by the organizers are highlights of the event held by FAPESP and JSPS in Tokyo

  • Nikkeis are becoming less appealing to Japan

    There’s been renewed activity in recent years in the Japanese government’s relationship to dekasseguis, Japanese descendants who settled in Japan in large numbers beginning in 1990, claims Masashi University researcher

  • Safer vessels, pipelines and platforms

    The Shuji Aihara Group, at the University of Tokyo, works with Brazilian scientists to develop structures that are safer for the shipment of oil and gas, and in the future, hydrogen and CO2