The Brazilian Center for Early Child Development

The Brazilian Center for Early Child Development (CPAPI) has the mission of generating and disseminating knowledge, through scientific evidence, for the formulation of public policies aimed at the healthy and complete development of children aged 0 to 6 years.

The CPAPI receives funding from FAPESP through an agreement with the Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation and is headquartered at the Institute of Education and Research (Insper), in São Paulo.

The Center is also the result of the initiative of the Núcleo Ciência pela Infância (NCPI), which brings together seven institutions around the goal of promoting improved quality of life during early childhood: Bernard van Leer Foundation, Center on the Developing Child and David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University, Porticus Latin America and the University of São Paulo School of Medicine (FMUSP), in addition to the Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation and Insper.

Among CPAPI's initial projects are the development and transfer of technologies for monitoring child development indicators to support public policies, through an open source platform that stores and integrates the information collected from the Child Health Handbook (CSC), as well as administrative records relating to education and health.

The platform to be developed will be powered by mobile and tablet applications, will have open source and will be accessible to professionals and public managers in the selected municipalities. CPAPI will also train public managers to access and apply child development indicators on the platform.

CPAPI also aims to promote courses aimed at professionals in the health, education and social assistance sectors on topics related to the importance of child development, parenting, families, educational content and public policies on early childhood.

On another front, the center will offer specialization courses to high school, undergraduate and graduate students, addressing the impacts of child development on education, health and the career of the future adult, in addition to the importance of preventive interventions during early childhood, based on the concept of comprehensive and integrated care.

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