RCGI – Research Centre for Gas Innovation

The RCGI – Research Centre for Gas Innovation, supported by FAPESP and Shell, appears as a world center for advanced studies of the sustainable use of natural gas, biogas, hydrogen and management, transport, storage and usage of CO2. The center, based at the University of São Paulo, is the result of FAPESP partnerships in support of high-level scientific research for the development of the energy sector. Its activities are based on three pillars: research, innovation and dissemination of knowledge.

The RCGI brings together a team of researchers from various fields of science and technology for the development of the gas and energy industries. The projects are structured in four research programmes: Engineering, Physical-Chemistry, Energy Policies & Economics and CO2 Abatement. With the integration of researchers and the complementarity of their programmes, the RCGI offers innovative solutions to the technological problems related to natural gas, biogas, hydrogen and CO2 emissions as well as providing support for the improvement of energy policies in the State of São Paulo, in Brazil and worldwide. In particular, it intends to increase the competitiveness of the industry of São Paulo and inform society of the enormous economic potential in the use of natural gas, biogas and hydrogen as sources of energy in the years to come.

RCGI: www.rcgi.poli.usp.br