FAPESP and GSK announce call for the creation of a Center for New Therapeutic Targets

28 de outubro de 2020

FAPESP and GSK announce a call for proposals for the creation of a Center for New Therapeutic Targets in Oncology (CONTD), within FAPESP's Engineering Research Centers / Applied Research Centers program.

The new center will have the mission of conducting fundamental and applied research seeking the discovery of new therapeutic targets for the treatment of cancer. The proposal should specialize in one of the following areas: Immuno-Oncology; Synthetic lethality; Cell therapy and genetics; and Epigenetics.

The CONTD – through the development of world-class science and research conducted in partnership with GSK – is expected to present and advance the full pre-clinical biological validation of at least three new target opportunities.

Other objectives placed as fundamental to the new center are the achievement of internationally competitive research performance; the implementation of activities with great potential for knowledge transfer to the productive and governmental sectors; and interaction with the educational system, especially at primary and secondary levels.

FAPESP and GSK hope to select up to a proposal, which will last five years. The parties will each reserve up to R$ 1,800,000.00 annually to implement the program, with the possibility of renewing it for another five years.

The existence of other sources of funding besides FAPESP, GSK and the Host Institution is not only allowed but also adds value to the proposal – provided that the contribution is aligned with the mission of the Center and is approved by the FAPESP-GSK Joint Steering Committee.

The Center must be hosted by an institution in the state of São Paulo, which will be responsible for the cost of administrative and personnel expenses. In addition to explicitly endorsing the project, the parent institution should be the alma mater of the Director or Principal Investigator of the Center.

To ensure a high level of interaction between the Centre and GSK, the call provides for the British multinational to point out the Deputy Director of the new CPE, which will be present at the centre ensuring its scientific and operational contribution. GSK scientists and engineers can also be part of the Center to collaborate on specific projects.

The maximum deadline for submitting tenders is January 26, 2021, via the SAGe System.

Since 2012 FAPESP and GSK share an agreement for scientific and technological cooperation in science. The parties partnered together for installating and managing the Center of Excellence in New Target Discovery, in the Butantan Institute, and Centre of Excellence for Research in Sustainable Chemistry, hosted at the Federal University of São Carlos. 

The call for proposals is available at the fapesp.br/14566