Center of Excellence in New Target Discovery (CENTD)

The goal of the Center of Excellence in New Target Discovery (CENTD) is to identify molecular targets and signaling pathways involved in inflammation-based diseases. The idea is to use natural products such as poisons and animal secretions to validate therapeutic targets and pave the way to new drug development.

CENTD’s principal investigator is Ana Marisa Chudzinski-Tavassi, whose mission is to work with a team of researchers from several of Butantan Institute’s laboratories to identify molecular targets and signaling pathways involved in such diseases as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, metabolic syndrome and neurodegenerative diseases. Natural products such as poisons, animal secretions, toxins and peptides will be used to validate therapeutic targets, paving the way to the development of new drugs.

The team comprises young researchers and senior researchers, graduate students, postdocs and technicians, who will have the opportunity to share knowledge while working at CENTD.

The activities will be based on three core pillars: research, dissemination, and technology transfer. The key research objective will be the search for molecular targets involved in inflammatory diseases.

Diffusion is responsible for democratizing access to scientific and technological information, especially that produced by CENTD, using digital technologies and distance education tools to foster public knowledge of the social function of science and a change in the culture of technology and innovation.

The technology transfer pillar is responsible for all the agreements and contracts that may arise during execution of the project and that must follow the institutional guidelines established.

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