Center for Artificial Intelligence (C4AI)

FAPESP and IBM, through a cooperation agreement, finance the Center for Artificial Intelligence (C4AI). The host institution is the Universidade de São Paulo (USP), operating with partnering institutions ITA, PUC-SP and FEI. The Universidade de São Paulo matches the funding by supporting personnel and providing space for the C4AI activities.

The center's mission is to produce advanced research in artificial intelligence (AI) in Brazil, disseminate and debate its main results, train students and professionals, and transfer the technology to society.

Research activities in the C4AI are organized around five Great Challenges that combine fundamental aspects of artificial intelligence with applications in selected fields such as agribusiness, climate, and health. The current challenges are:

1- NLP 2 - Resources to Bring NLP of Portuguese to State-of-Art.

2- KEML – Knowledge-Enhanced Machine Learning for Reasoning on Ocean Data.

3- AgriBio - Causal Multicriteria Decision Making in Food Production Networks.

4- GOML - Graph-Oriented Machine Learning for Stroke Diagnosis and Rehabilitation.

5- AI Humanity - AI in Emerging Countries: Public Policies and the Future of Work.

C4AI develops activities aiming at scientific and technological advances in AI, train students and professionals, and transfer the technology to society. The Center of AI is a member of IBM’s AI Horizons Network (AIHN), created in 2016 to promote collaboration amongst leading universities around the world to accelerate the research and applications of AI.

The director of the Center is Professor Fabio Gagliardi Cozman, from the Department of Mechatronics Engineering and Mechanical Systems at the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (USP). Claudio Pinhanez, senior manager at IBM Research Brasil, is the deputy director of C4AI.

The C4AI is headquartered at InovaUSP, a space for multidisciplinary research and innovation at campus São Paulo of the University of São Paulo. A second facility is located at the Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences (ICMC-USP) in the city of São Carlos.

More information about C4AI is at