FAPESP Week 2012 - Cambridge / MIT Symposium


  FAPESP MIT Meeting
Chairs: Ben Schneider, MIT
Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, FAPESP
Marcelo Knobel, FAPESP
Date: Oct 22
Venue: Building 13 in the Von Hippel room (room 13-2137),
Start Duration Activity FAPESP/MIT Meeting
15:30     Welcome coffee
15:30 00:10 Introduction Introduction
Harry Tuller, MIT (TBC)
15:40   Session 1 Materials Science, Advances in nanostructured semiconducting oxides for gas sensors
15:40 00:40   José Arana Varela, IQ/UNESP, Araraquara and Harry Tuller, MIT (TBC)
16:20 00:10   Q+A
16:30   Session 2 Physics - Investigation with Atomic Superfluids
16:30 00:40   Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato, IFSC-USP and Daniel Kleppner, MIT (TBC)
17:10 00:10   Q+A
17:20 00:05 Closing Remarks Harry Tuller, MIT (TBC)
17:25   Walk to MIT Museum
Date: Oct 22
Venue: MIT Museum
18:00     Introduction
18:00 00:30   "Science and Technology in São Paulo, Brazil", Carlos H Brito Cruz, FAPESP
18:30 00:10   "MIT Brazil:  The First Three Years and Future Prospects", Ben Schneider, MIT
18:40 00:15   "The ITA-MIT cooperation", Carlos Américo Pacheco, ITA
18:55 00:15   Q+A
19:10 01:00 Reception and Innauguration of the Biodiversity Exposition

Cambridge / MIT Symposium Registration

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