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Pedro Wongtschowski

Pedro Wongtschowski

Pedro Wongtschowski, born in Brazil is a Chemical Engineer, with MSc and PhD from Escola Politécnica - Universidade de São Paulo.

He has served as an officer of Ultrapar Participações since 1985, becoming President and CEO from January 2007 to December 2012.

He is Chairman of the Board of the National Association for Research, Development and Engineering of Innovative Companies (“Associação Nacional de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento das Empresas Inovadoras”), Chairman of the Board of EMPRAPII (“Associação Brasileira de Pesquisa e Inovação Industrial”). He is President of IEDI ("Instituto de Estudos para o Desenvolvimento Industrial”), and a member of the National Council of Science and Technology.

Mr. Wongtschowski also serves on the Board of Directors of several corporations including ULTRAPAR Participações S.A. and EMBRAER (“Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica S.A.”). He also serves on the Board of Directors of several not-for-profit organizations.