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Anamaria Aranha Camargo

Anamaria Aranha Camargo

Adjunt Panel - Life Sciences

Graduated from the Biosciences Institute at the University of São Paulo (1994), with PhD degree from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, University of São Paulo and the Zentrum für Infektionsforchung, University of Wurzburg, Germany (1997) and post-doctorate at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (1999).

She participated in the coordination of the Xylella fastidiosa Genome Project (2000) and in the Human Cancer Genome Project (2001).

Among the awards for contribution in the field of genetics and genomics she received the Scientific Merit Award in Science and Technology of the State of São Paulo (2000), the Young Scientist Award in Genetics from Fundação Bunge (2004) and the Young Scientist Award from the Third World Academy of Sciences (2007).

She is currently director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in São Paulo and the Coordinator of the Molecular Oncology Center of the Hospital Sírio Libanês. She serves as Associate Editor of the journals Genomics and Genetics and Molecular Biology.

It has experience in molecular biology, genetics and genomics of cancer.