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Paulo Tambasco de Oliveira

Paulo Tambasco de Oliveira

Area Panel - Health Sciences - Dentistry

Graduated in Dentistry at the School of Dentistry of Ribeiro Preto of the University of So Paulo – FORP/USP (1987), PhD in Oral Pathology by the Faculty of Dentistry of USP (1997) and Associate Professor at FORP-USP since 2006.

Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Laboratory for the Study of Calcified Tissues and Biomaterials of the Universit de Montral, Canada, 2001-2002. The work, supported by FAPESP, focused on osteogenic differentiation in contact with biomaterials and defined his main research path.

Associate Professor 3 of Histology at FORP/USP since 2013 and CNPq Researcher – Level 1C since 2017. Leader of the CNPq group “Study of Biomaterials for Implant in Bone Tissue” (1999 to present).

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