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FAPESP announces result of call for proposals for SPRINT

FAPESP announces result of call for proposals for SPRINT

In the first call of 2015, 21 proposals of international collaborations were selected (photo: FAPESP)

The So Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) announces the result of the first call for proposals in 2015 for SPRINT - So Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration, a strategy designed to encourage and promote the advancement of scientific research through the engagement of researchers affiliated with research institutions in the State of So Paulo with researcher partners abroad. 21 proposals were selected.

In this call the partners that participate are:

  • Australia: University of Melbourne and Victoria University.

  • Canada: University of Victoria.

  • Netherlands: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.

  • United Kingdom: University of London Institute of Education, University of Bath, University of Manchester, University of Oxford and University of Warwick.

FAPESP will provide the selected proposals with funds for travel (air tickets), health insurance and living allowances for researchers from the State of So Paulo that will visit the partner institution.

Selected proposals:



Carlos Frederico Martins Menck
Instituto de Cincias Biomdicas / USP

Gijsbertus Theodorus Johannes van der Horst
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Impact of the circadian clock on the DNA repair capacity and drug sensitivity of normal and cancer cells: towards chronopersonalized chemotherapy

FAPESP#: 2015/50080-6

Lauro Wichert Ana
Faculdade de Medicina Ribeiro Preto / USP

Dick Tibboel
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Correlation with different clinical stages in patients with Parkinson’s disease and neuropathic pain: validation of the rotterdam elderly pain observation scale (REPOS)

FAPESP#: 2015/50089-3

Rodolfo de Paula Vieira
Universidade Nove Julho Campus Vergueiro/Uninove

Bart Lambrecht
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

A deep dive in the world of dendritic cells: their role in asthma and exercise immunology

FAPESP#: 2015/50079-8

Jos Alberto Cuminato
Instituto de Cincias Matemticas e de Computao / ICMC / USP

Jonathan David Evans
University of Bath

Asymptotic and simulation of complex fluids

FAPESP#: 2015/50094-7

Marcelo Mulato
Fac. Filosofia Cincias Letras Ribeiro Preto / USP

Pedro Miguel de Lemos Correia Estrela
University of Bath

Towards novel biosensor devices for improved cancer diagnosis

FAPESP#: 2015/50082-9

Maria Cristina Ferreira de Oliveira
Inst. Cincias Matemticas Computao / So Carlos / USP

Stephen Payne
University of Bath

New empirical approaches to understanding infovis

FAPESP#: 2015/50083-5

Jorge Fernando Brando Pereira
Fac. Cincias Farmacuticas Araraquara / Unesp

Maria Gonzales-Miguel
University of Manchester

Characterization and modelling of aqueous two-phase systems (ATPS) composed of ionic liquids (ILS) and polymers: a boost towards developing sustainable biopharmaceutical separation

FAPESP#: 2015/50058-0

Thais Mauad
Fac Medicina / USP

Adrian Hearn
University of Melbourne

Achieving sustainable food production and irrigation in So Paulo and Melbourne

FAPESP#: 2015/50081-2

Mariana Cabral De Oliveira
Inst Biociencias / USP

Heroen Verbruggen
University of Melbourne

Marine genomic: genome biology and evolution of key primary producers

FAPESP#: 2015/50078-1

Andr Gustavo Tempone
Instituto Adolfo Lutz

Edward Alexander Anderson
University of Oxford

Brazilian biodiversy as a source for novel drug scaffolds against neglected protozoan diseases

FAPESP#: 2015/50075-2

Eduardo Cleto Pires
Esc. Engenharia So Carlos / USP

Ren Baares Alcantara
University of Oxford

Recovery and storage of renewable energy from biorefinery wastewater

FAPESP#: 2015/50105-9

Helenice Mercier
Instituto de Biocincias / USP

J.A.C. (Andrew) Smith
University of Oxford

Improving the efficiency of water and nitrogen use by crop plants

FAPESP#: 2015/50109-4

Marco Aurlio Gerosa
Inst. Matemtica Estatistica / USP

Daniel German
University of Victoria

Software engineering newcomers barriers and motivations to onboard open source software projects

FAPESP#: 2015/50084-1

Danilo Rothberg
Fac. Arquitetura Artes Comunicao Bauru / Unesp

Joanne Garde-Hansen
University of Warwick

Narratives of water (NOW): a cross-cultural exploration of digital hydro-citizenship in the UK and Brazil

FAPESP#: 2015/50070-0

Hudson Giovani Zanin
Instituto de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento / Univap

Rohit Bhagat
University of Warwick

Brazil and UK collaboration for energy storage and supply

FAPESP#: 2015/50093-0

Marcelo Eiras
Instituto Biolgico de So Paulo / SAASP

John Antony Walsh
University of Warwick

Characterization of potyviruses infecting vegetable crops in Brazil and the stability of resistance identified in Europe to South American potyviruses

FAPESP#: 2015/50076-9

Marie Anne Van Sluys
Inst. Biocincias / USP

Katherine J. Denby
University of Warwick

Extending synthetic biology collaborations between WISB and BSSB

FAPESP#: 2015/50102-0

Sandra Guardini Teixeira Vasconcelos
Fac. Filosofia Letras Cincias Humanas / USP

Ross Forman
University of Warwick

Displacements: the novel without frontiers

FAPESP#: 2015/50077-5

Claudio Miguel da Costa Neto
Fac. Medicina Ribeiro Preto / USP

Michel Bouvier
University of Montreal

Development of biosensors for monitoring signaling in subcellular compartments: a powerful molecular tool for drug discovery

FAPESP#: 2015/50086-4

Fabio Iocco
Inst. Fsica Terica / Unesp

Christoph Weniger
University of Amsterdam

Multichannel particle searches in the precision era of dark matter astronomy

FAPESP#: 2015/50073-0

Roberto Santana da Silva
Fac. Cincias Farmacuticas Ribeiro Preto / USP

Alexandra R. Fernandes e Pedro Viana
Universidade de Nova Lisboa

Cytotoxicity and photo-cytotoxicity of nitrosyl ruthenium anticancer drug in aqueous solution or incorporated in a drug delivery innovative purpose for metal based drug

FAPESP#: 2015/50101-3

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