Understanding and Sustaining Brazilian Biome Resources: Documentation

FAPESP – NERC – “Understanding and Sustaining Brazilian Biome Resources”

Documentation to be supplied by the PI in the State of São Paulo to the partner PI in the UK for submission to NERC.

1. Research Proposal Form cutomized for this Call

2. Summary budget worksheet : FAPESP-RCUK Funding Summary

3. Research Project according to section 5.2 item 7.iii) of the Call for Proposals

Further Documentation that may be required by FAPESP after the submission deadline, to be supplied by the PI from the State of São Paulo in order to complete the analysis.

4. Researcher’s Registration Form of the Principal Investigator (PR) and of each suggested co-PI (PP) from the state of São Paulo (in Portuguese)

5. Summary of the CV of the PI and of each co-PI from the State of São Paulo and of any other Research Team member from São Paulo. (in English - guidelines at www.fapesp.br/en/6351)

6. Research team description (in English - please use the specific spreadsheet for this purpose)

7. Abstract describing relevant results obtained from previous FAPESP Grants or Scholarships in which the Principal Investigator was involved either as PI or as Grantee. Please list the projects’ titles and their corresponding FAPESP process IDs (in English, up to two pages)

8. When applicable, the corresponding work plans for each requested Academic Scholarships or Technical Training Fellowships (in English - guidelines at www.fapesp.br/bolsas > “ Bolsas concedidas como itens orçamentários em Auxílios”)

9. Budget Worksheet; please, enclose the detailed budget according to FAPESP standards; Instructions and examples are available at each category tab (In English):

For Thematic Projects and SPEC Award:


For Young Investigator Award:


10. Written justifications for each budget item listed in the above Budget Worksheet. If applicable, individually list each mission trip and include a timeline for each specific exchange mission and collaborative activities (in English)

11. Pro forma invoices issued by suppliers/authorized sellers/representatives. Presentation of three differentpro forma invoices for each item of equipment is mandatory. Please submit related documentation if there is only one exclusive supplier.

12. Only for the Young Investigator Award: Justification of the “emerging” characteristics of the research center to be developed and of the role of the proponent in this effort (in English, up to two pages).

13. Description of the scientific equipment base of the Institution(s) hosting the Project. (In English - guidelines available at: www.fapesp.br/137#4785)

14. Joining Form for the FAPESP SPECIAL PROGRAMS available (BIOTA, BIOEN, PFPMCG, eScience) if applicable (guidelines available at: www.fapesp.br/formularios/adesao/)

15. ANNEX II - Approved information disclosed by the Host Institution(s) as to the institutional infrastructure needed for the project conduction. This document should be presented at the moment of the Grant Contract signature, if the proposal is successful (in Portuguese).

16. Resource disbursement schedule. This document should be presented at the moment of the Grant Contract signature, if the proposal is successful (in Portuguese).