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SPRINT selects proposals in second call

SPRINT selects proposals in second call

Research collaboration from the State of So Paulo and institutions of higher education and research in other countries will be funded

The So Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) announces the result of the second call for proposals for SPRINT - So Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration (, a strategy designed to encourage and promote the advancement of scientific research through the engagement of researchers affiliated with research institutions in the State of So Paulo with researcher partners abroad.

Several proposals for Research collaboration from the State of So Paulo and institutions of higher education and research in other countries were selected.

In the third call the partners that participated were: CNRS, Conicet, G3 Partnership, Queen's University of Belfast, Stellenbosch University, University of Surrey, University of York and University of Warwick.

FAPESP will provide the selected proposals with funds for travel (air tickets), health insurance and living allowances for researchers from the State of So Paulo that will visit the partner institution.

Selected proposals:



Wagner de Melo Romao
Inst. Filosofia Cincias Humanas / Unicamp

Franoise Montambeault
Universite de Montreal / G3

Frederic Louault
Universite Libre de Bruxelles / G3

Marco Giugni
Universite de Geneve / G3

Participatory Democracy and Citizenship Trajectories: Citizens Militants and Bureaucrats

FAPESP grant number: 2014/50752-1

Vitor Barbanti Pereira Leite
Inst. Biocincias Letras Cincias Exatas So Jos Rio Preto / Unesp

Paul Charles Whitford
Northeastern University

Elucidating the Role of Disorder During Biomolecular Fuction

FAPESP grant number: 2014/50739-5

Fabio Coral Fonseca
Instituto de Pesquisas Energticas e Nucleares / SDECTSP

Samuel Georges
Universite Joseph Fourier - Grenoble / CNRS

Enhancing the Performance of Direct Ethanol Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

FAPESP#: 2014/50767-9

Iber Luiz Caldas
Instituto de Fsica/USP

Sadruddin Benkadda
Aix-Marseille Universit / CNRS

Control of instabilities by alfvn waves and resonant magnetic perturbations in magnetized plasmas

FAPESP#: 2014/50794-6

Manuela Vecchi
Instituto de Fisica / USP

Vincent Poireau
Laboratorie Dnnecy-Le-Vieux de Physique des Particules / CNRS

Indirect Dark Matter Search with AMS-02 Data

FAPESP#: 2014/50747-8

Pedro Jose Floriano Ribeiro
Centro de Educao e Cincias Humanas / UFSCar

Elodie Fabre
Queen's University of Belfast

Multi Level Party Organisation: Brazil and Western Europe in Comparative Perspective

FAPESP#: 2014/50740-3

Daniel Marcos Bonotto
Instituto de Geocincias e Cincias Exatas de Rio Claro / Unesp

Trevor Elliot
Queen's University of Belfast

Environmental Tracers of Water Resources Management

FAPESP#: 2014/50743-2

Jonas Augusto Rizzato Paschoa
Faculdade de Cincias Farmacuticas de Ribeiro Preto / USP

Mark Mooney
Queen's University of Belfast

Metaqua: Metabolite/Metabolomic Profiling in Aquaculture Research With a View to Maintaining Food Safety / Security and Animal / Human Health

FAPESP#: 2014/50755-0

Jose Leonardo de Moraes Gonalves
Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz / USP

Ben Du Toit
Stellenbosch University

Building Research Capacity for Intensively Managed Forest Plantations


Romain Pierre Marcel Bachelard
Instituto de Fsica de So Carlos / USP

Michael Kastner
Stellenbosch University

Bounds on the Propagation of Light in Cold Atomic Clouds

FAPESP#: 2014/50744-9

Roberto Marcondes Cesar Junior
Instituto de Matemtica e Estatstica / USP

Adrian Hilton
University of Surrey

Hand Tracking for Occupational Therapy

FAPESP#: 2014/50769-1

Thiago Cesar da Paixo
Instituto de Qumica / USP

Subrayal Medapati Reddy
University of Surrey

Development and Characterization of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer-Based Sensor for Biomarker Detection

FAPESP#: 2014/50792-3

Vitor Heloiz Nascimento
Escola Politcnica / USP

Yuriy Zakharov
University of York

Knowledge-Aided Signal Processing: Theory, Algorithms, Implementation and Applications

FAPESP#: 2014/50765-6

Marilia Afonso Rabelo Buzalaf
Faculdade de Odontologia de Bauru / USP

Ruth Valentine
Newcastle University

Vida Zohoori
Teesside University

Fluoride (F) Metabolism / Body F Retention: Effects of Host (Genetic Variation) and Environment (F Dose and Exercise)


Selected proposals with Conicet:



Marcia de Paula Leite
Faculdade de Educao / Unicamp

Andrea Del Bono
Universidad Nacional Arturo Jauretche

Labor reconfigurations and multiple faces of job isecurity. A comparative analisys between Argentina and Brazil

FAPESP#: 2014/50756-7

Rosangela Itri
Instituto de Fsica / USP

Rosana Chehin
Universidad de Tucuman

Towards understanding the role of oxidized lipid membrane on amyloidogenic diseases: biophysical and structural characterization of membrane-induced gapdh protoribrils

FAPESP#: 2014/50766-2

Ricardo Shohei Hattori
Agncia Paulista deTecnologia em Agronegcios / SAASP

Juan Ignacio Fernandino

Molecular regulation of germ cell proliferation:the effects of thermal stress and sex steroids and the roles of PEN-2, P53 and AMH genes

FAPESP#: 2014/50790-0

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