FAPESP Research Program on eScience

FAPESP Research Program on eScience

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The FAPESP Research Program on eScience has the goal to integrate computational modeling and research and data infrastructure in several areas of knowledge.

The program aims to establish and integrate research groups involved in the investigations of algorithms, computational modeling and data infrastructure with groups of scientists involved in areas ranging from biology to social sciences.

The program aims to support relevant projects involving mathematical models, digital repositories and data management, new hardware, software, protocols, tools and services, geared to meet the demands of research in the areas of agricultural sciences; arts, humanities and social sciences; engineering and physics, climate and earth sciences, and practice and education in eScience. 

Research projects supported by the eScience program:

CyberArchaeology - virtual reality and e-Science meets archaeology
Principal investigator: Marcelo Knorich Zuffo - Universidade de São Paulo


E-Sensing: big earth observation data analytics for land use and land cover change information
Principal investigator: Gilberto Camara Neto - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais 


Attitude and heading reference system based on recursive robust Kalman filter implemented in FPGA

Principal investigator: Marco Henrique Terra - Universidade de São Paulo


AgroComputing.net - digital infrastructure and novel computational methods for analyzing and mining climate and remote sensing large databases to improve agricultural monitoring and forecasting
Principal investigator: Luciana Alvim Santos Romani - Embrapa Informática Agropecuária

Pauliceia 2.0: A Spatiotemporal Platform for Digital Humanities 
Luis Antonio Coelho Ferla - Escola de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas/EFLCH/UNIFESP

Topographical disorientation assessment in a virtual reality environment in patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment 
Sonia Maria Dozzi Brucki - Hospital das Clínicas de São Paulo/HC/SSSP

Employing computational intelligence techniques and big data analytics in a multi-agent system experiment of finance
Cairo Lúcio Nascimento Júnior - Divisão de Engenharia Eletrônica/IEE/ITA

A Framework to Integrate Multi-sensors Data with Building Information Modeling to Support Historic Assets Conservation and Management
Eloisa Dezen-Kempter - Faculdade de Tecnologia/FT/UNICAMP