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Science, Technology & Innovation Indicators in the State of São Paulo / Brazil 2010

Initial pages, index and presentation

Chapter 1 - Basic Education

Chapter 2 - Profile of higher education: academic and technological undergraduate education and graduate education

Chapter 3 - R&D Expenditures and Human Resources

Chapter 4 - Analysis of scientific production based on publications in specialized journals

Chapter 5 - Patenting activity in Brazil and abroad

Chapter 6 - Technology balance of payments: a renewed perspective

Chapter 7 - Technological innovation by business in São Paulo State: an analysis based on the findings of the PINTEC survey

Chapter 8 - The regional dimension of ST&I activities in São Paulo State

Chapter 9 - Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in São Paulo State: characterization and diffusion indicators

Chapter 10 - ST&I and the agricultural sector in São Paulo State

Chapter 11 - ST&I Indicators in Health in São Paulo State

Chapter 12 - Public understanding of science and technology in São Paulo State

Methodological Annexes - Part 1
Methodological Annexes - Part 2






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