Annex I: Guidelines for the Research Proposal (2011)


- Items 1 through 12 should fit in less than thirty (30) A4 pages with 1.5 spacing and font equivalent to Times New Roman 11.

- Please use section titles as listed in items from 1 through 15 of the following table:


Section Title


Title Page

- Title, names of both Principal Investigators and their host institutions, start and end dates.

Table of Contents

- Table of Contents referring to the page number of each section.



- 20 lines maximum.


Results from previous or ongoing grants funded by FAPESP

- List of projects funded by FAPESP granted to the Principal Investigator in the last 10 years, including Title, Process number, Start and End Dates, Summary of results and List of publications, resulting Thesis and Dissertations.


Statement of scientific problem(s) to be tackled by the proposed project

- Description of the scientific challenges and their relevance.

- Description of the contribution to the field if the project succeeds.

- Quotes from relevant publications as necessary.

3 a

Justification and rationale

- Refer to item 3.


Significance and relevance for the FAPESP BIOEN Program

- Specify accordingly to the BIOEN Program’s main conditions and goals.


“Cover Note”

from BE-Basic

- Specify the collaboration activities in relation to the BE-BASIC PIs current Project.

- The BE-Basic “Cover Note” form is available at


Specific aims

- List of the Proposal’s aims, with a short description of each one:

Aim 1
Aim 2


Expected results

- Description of the knowledge that will be created and how it will be disseminated to the community.

7 a

Preliminary results

- Summary of preliminary results, if any. Figures and Tables may be used.


Scientific challenges and the means and methods to overcome them

- Description of the scientific and technical challenges that the project proposes to overcome and the efforts that will be made in order to reach the Proposals aims (section 6).

- Description of the methods and means to overcome these challenges.

- Relevant references regarding these challenges and the methods and means proposed.



- Estimative of Project completion

- List of the milestones that can be used to assess the progress of the project and its completion.


Dissemination and evaluation

- Description of how the results will be disseminated to the pertaining community and how they can be evaluated.


Other supports

- Description of existing or planned support (submitted) from other funding agencies or institutions.

- Description of additional support from the host institution(s) that will be necessary to the success of the proposed project (personal, material, funding, services etc).

- Please note that any additional support will need to be formally acknowledged by the host institution in the Grant Contract (Termo de Outorga).


Broader impacts

- Description of the expected impacts of the results in research, education, industry, society, environment etc.



- References cited in the preceding items.

ATTENTION: Items from 13 to 15 are not included in the 30 page limitation.


Consolidated budget by source and by type of expense

- Summary of funds requested to FAPESP and to BE-Basic and additional funds requested and from other sources (as the host institution or other agencies).

Spreadsheet for each award scheme available at:
- (Young Investigator Award)
- (Regular Awards)

14 a

Spreadsheets for items to be funded by FAPESP

– Standard FAPESP Budget Spreadsheets including the following items:

- Equipment Purchased Nationally (MPN)
- Equipment Purchased Abroad (MPI)
- Consumables Purchased Nationally (MCN)
- Consumables Purchased Abroad (MCI)
- Services Hired Nationally (STB)
- Services Hired Abroad (STE)
- Transportation (TRAN)
- Travel Allowances (Per Diem) (DIP-DIE)
- Fellowships

Spreadsheet available


Spreadsheet for items to be funded byBE-Basic

- Spreadsheet related to the BE-Basic current project.

- Form provided by BE-Basic (in Dutch) and available at:


Workplans for each of the fellowships requested.

- Technical Training
- Scientific Initiation
- Direct Doctorate

- For each of the fellowships requested to FAPESP, a workplan of 2 pages or less must be included, indicating the type of fellowship, supervisor (must be the PI), start date and duration, title and proposed activities.

- It is not necessary to specify the name of the candidate. If the proposal is approved, the PI will be responsible for the selection of the candidates for each fellowship through a public selection process. The candidate chosen by the PI must be validated by FAPESP.

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