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FAPESP–KCL Approved research projects

FAPESP–KCL  Approved research projects

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The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), São Paulo, Brazil, and King’s College London (KCL), London, United Kingdom, present the list of research proposals approved through the call of proposals launched in May 10, 2010, within the scope of the Cooperation Agreement established between the two institutions.

The call was open for researchers affiliated to public and private Higher Education and Research institutions in the State of São Paulo. The researchers should be responsible for ongoing research projects already supported by FAPESP, related to Regular Research Projects, Thematic Projects, Young Investigator Awards or Research, Innovation and Dissemination Centers (CEPIDs).


Process nº
Researcher in SP Researcher in KCL Title of Project
2010/51472-1 Sara Teresinha Olalla Saad (Medical Sciences - UNICAMP) Anne Ridley (Cell and Molecular Biophysics) Role of ARHGAP21 and FMNL1 proteins in Rho GTPases signaling and cancer progression
2010/51459-5 Nicola Amanda Conran Zorzetto (Haematology Centre - UNICAMP) Swee Lay Thein (Gene and Cell Based Therapy) Study of clinical, cellular and molecular alterations in the haemoglobinopathies and the understanding of the regulation of fetal haemoglobin production
2010/51457-2 Emiko Yoshikawa Egry (Nursing - USP) Sarah Cowley (Nursing and Midwifery) Skills for health needs assessment in Nursing
2010/51462-6 Andrea Mantesso (Dentistry - USP) Paul T. Sharpe (Craniofacial Development) Oral epithelial stem cells - evaluation of response to injury and self-renew capacity
2010/51330-2 Wothan Tavares de Lima (Biomedical Sciences - USP) Yanira Riffo Vasquez (Pharmaceutical Sciences) Obesity and sex hormones in lung injury
2010/51458-9 Gabriel Padilla Maldonado (Biomedical Sciences - USP) Paul F. Long (Pharmaceutical Sciences) Construction of diploid Streptomyces bacteria: implications for genome evolution and drug discovery
2010/51473-8 João Ricardo Sato (Mathematics, Computing and Cognition - UFABC) Michael John Brammer (Psychiatry) Bridging the gap between statistics, machine learning and clinical practice: an interdisciplinary collaborative study on human brain mapping

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