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3rd Joint MSR-FAPESP Workshop (November 30, 2009)


9h00 - Welcome Coffee

9h30 - Opening session - Celso Lafer, Presidente da FAPESP Michel Levy, Presidente da Microsoft Brasil

9h50 - The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery - Jaime Puente, Director for External Research, Microsoft Research, USA

10h05 - O acordo FAPESP-Microsoft para pesquisa colaborativa - Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, Diretor Científico da FAPESP

10h15 - A systems approach to cellulose synthesis Staffan Persson - Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology

10h30 - Announcement and presentation of selected projects – 3º Call for Proposals

10h40 - AgroDataMine: Development of Algorithms and Methods of Data Mining to Support Researches on Climate Changes Regarding Agrometeorology - Agma Juci Machado Traina

10h50 - SinBiota Information System: Thinking the next ten years - Carlos Alfredo Joly

11h00 - Development and Application of Network of Geosensors for Environmental Monitoring - Celso Von Randow

11h10 - IInformation Technology Applied to Bioenergy Genomics: Probabilistic Annotation using Artificial Intelligence - Ricardo Zorzetto Nicoliello Vencio

11h30 - Closing Session

12h00 - Brunch