Post-doctoral and Young Investigator Awards in São Paulo, Brazil

Post-doctoral and Young Investigator Awards in São Paulo, Brazil

FAPESP invites talented researchers with a recent PhD degree and a successful research track record to apply for postdoctoral fellowships. Currently 16 positions are open ( associated with projects with secured funding in molecular and cell biology, immunology, plant genetics, biochemistry and education.

Postdoctoral fellows benefit from a highly collaborative, stimulating research environment and access to world-class university research and teaching. Appointments are for one year, renewable for up to three or four years, agreementing to each opening. The stipend is equivalent to (estimated using the official exchange rate in October, 2009) US$ 32,000/year plus roundtrip air tickets for researcher and family, support for relocation expenses, and research contingency funds of US$ 4,700/year. Awards are competitive, with selection emphasis placed on research promise. For additional information:

Young Investigator Awards: FAPESP’s Young Investigator Awards envisage creating new research groups led by highly promising early-career scientists in any field of knowledge ( Selected candidates will receive a fellowship and sizable research funds for full development of their research project (up to 48 months). Candidates are encouraged to develop their research interests in association with faculty in higher education and research institutions in São Paulo. Highlighted research areas are bioenergy, neurosciences, climate change, cancer, materials science, optics and photonics, urban studies and violence, but proposals in other fields will be considered. Selection is through peer review.

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An advertisement regarding these opportunities was published in the October 29th edition of Nature journal. To see the ad, click here.  

Established in 1962, the São Paulo Research Foundation, FAPESP, is one of the main research funding agencies in Brazil. With a US$ 400 million budget for 2009, it supports 11,000 fellowships and 8,000 research awards. In addition to supporting all fields of science, FAPESP has special research programs in biodiversity, bioenergy, global climate change, neuroscience, information technology and public policy. The State of São Paulo, in Brazil, is a dynamic, fast growing center with a population of 40 million people, producing 40% of Brazil’s industrial output. Higher education and research institutions in São Paulo awarded 4,900 PhD degrees last year.


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São Paulo Research Foundation – FAPESP – is an independent public foundation with the mission to foster research and the scientific and technological development of the State of São Paulo, Brazil. This is achieved through the support of research projects carried out in higher education and research institutions, in all fields of knowledge.

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