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The Memorandum of Understanding between FAPESP and the UK Research Councils (RCUK) aims to support the development of joint research projects submitted by associated Brazilian and British researchers.

Information regarding the MoU at the RCUK website can be found here.

The MoU stipulates that costs to be incurred by applicants based in the UK and costs to be incurred in the State of São Paulo, Brazil must be compatible with existing financial practices pertinent to the UK Research Councils and the FAPESP respectively.

Generic Call for Proposals (applies to all Research Centers) - Open Deadlines

Proposals must be submitted directly to the relevant UK Research Council by the partner applicant in the UK in agreement to its applicable rules and closing dates. FAPESP will be informed of any application by the relevant Research Council or Councils. All applications must be collaborative proposals involving the association of researchers working within higher education and research institutions located in the State of São Paulo and researchers eligible for RCUK funding.

The following FAPESP documents must be annexed to the submission done by the UK partner PI:

- FAPESP Proposal Form
- FAPESP Consolidated Budget

FAPESP funding will be through a Regular Research Award or a Thematic Project according to the following Guidelines:

- Operation of the RCUK/FAPESP lead agency agreement - Guidance on Implementation | in Portuguese

Newton Fund RCUK-CONFAP Research Partnerships

Call for proposals 2015 (with the Academy of Medical Sciences, British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering and Royal Society)

Call for proposals 2015 (with the Economic and Social Research Council)

Call for proposals 2015 (with the Medical Research Council)

Call for proposals 2014 -  Selected proposals 

Specific Calls for Proposals:

Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) – Open Deadlines

AHRC/FAPESP Collaborative Funding Guidelines

Biotechnological and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)

Virtual Joint Research Centres in Agricultural Nitrogen (2015)

FAPESP-BBSRC Pump Priming Award (FAPPA) – Open Deadlines

BBSRC-FAPESP joint call in advanced biofuels – Call for research projects expected for early 2015

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
– Open Deadlines

FAPESP-ESRC-NWO Joint Call for Transnational Collaborative Research Projects Sustainable Urban Development - 2014 (closed)
ESRC International Partnership and Networking Scheme (IPNS) (closed)
(Memorandum of Understanding between FAPESP and ESRC - PhD Partnering Activities)

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

- FAPESP-NERC Pump Priming and Pump Priming Plus Awards - IOF 2015 Second Edition Call 
Understanding and Sustaining Brazilian Biome Resources 
FAPESP-NERC Pump Priming Awards - IOF 2015
FAPESP-NERC Pump Priming Awards - IOF 2014 (closed) | No proposals were selected
International Opportunities Fund 2012 (closed)
- Biodiversity and Ecosystem Processes in Human-Modified Tropical Forests 2012 (closed) | Selected proposal 
- International Opportunities Fund 2011 (closed) | Selected proposals
- International Opportunities Fund 2010 (closed) | Selected proposals



 International Scientific Cooperation: FAPESP and Research Councils UK