Public Education Research Program

FAPESP's Public Education Research Program supports research which has the objective of contributing to the improvement in quality of public schooling in the State of São Paulo.

Begun in 1996, the Program finances applied research into concrete problems in primary and secondary public schools in the State of São Paulo. They must be developed by means of a partnership between the research institutions and schools in the public network (state and municipal), with a view to developing innovative pedagogical experiences which may bring immediate benefits to the school.

The projects must be elaborated, in cooperation, by researchers and professionals attached to the schools. The various stages of their development must be the object of systematic recording and critical reflection on the part of both groups. The objective is to make the researchers and institutions jointly responsible for the quality and constant innovation in public schooling, in all its levels.

The idea is to involve both the research institutions and the schools in the production of fresh knowledge which might lay the foundations for the outline of broadly applicable educational policies, and enable the enhancement of the teacher's qualification in his or her task of contributing to the dissemination of contemporary scientific and technological knowledge, via the education of new generations.

FAPESP will award the necessary material resources, including those for small infrastructural works, and fellowships for the teachers involved.