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FAPESP and NRC announce new call for proposals

FAPESP and NRC announce new call for proposals

Joint projects for R&D between small businesses from Canada and the State of So Paulo will be supported based on sectors of interest ranging from AI to Ocean Science (photo: NRC)

FAPESP and Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) announce the third call for proposals under the cooperation agreement between the institutions. The goal of the call is to foster and support collaborative projects between Canadian and São Paulo State-based small businesses. 

Besides featuring high potential for commercialization in the global market or in Brazil, the proposals must also take into account the call’s six sectors of focus: Artificial intelligence and manufacturing; Clean Technology, Green Energy, and Sustainable Environments; Health and Life Sciences; Internet of Things and Digital Transformation; Nanotechnology; Ocean Science and Technology.

Project finance relies on both sources – namely FAPESP, representing the State of São Paulo, and Global Affairs Canada in partnership with NRC; each party is willing to contribute with up until BRL 1 million and USD 600.000 by proposal – FAPESP and NRC resources are directed to firms located within their respective countries.

In the State of São Paulo, proposals must follow all conditions as stablished by Stage 2 of FAPESP’s Innovative Research in Small Business Program (Business Plan and Prototype fully developed).

After signing the bilateral cooperation form, partners from São Paulo and from Canada must collaboratively prepare and submit proposals to FAPESP and NRC within the deadline for submissions (February 3rd, 2020).

NRC and FAPESP will evaluate the submitted proposals and communicate the results within approximately 2 months after the call for proposals deadline has passed.

Interested firms from São Paulo State must submit a proposal in English through FAPESP’s SAGe System ( 

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