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FAPESP and NSF announce result of call for proposals

FAPESP and NSF announce result of call for proposals

The opportunity promoted through BIOTA and Dimensions of Biodiversity programs encourages collaboration among So Paulo State and USA researchers (photo: BIOTA-FAPESP)

FAPESP and United States’ National Science Foundation (NSF) announce the result of a call for proposals issued on November, 2018 that aimed at encouraging projects for scientific cooperation through their programs BIOTA (FAPESP Research Program on Biodiversity Characterization, Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Use) and Dimensions of Biodiversity.

One five-year duration research proposal was selected.

FAPESP-NSF joint call is based in a broader call for proposals published annually by the NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity’s Program, which invites the participation of US researchers to apply for NSF’s regular funding or co-funding opportunities under NSF agreements with FAPESP and other agencies.

The annual call’s goal is to foster research projects capable of integrating the three dimensions of biodiversity – Genetic, Phylogenetic and Functional – while understanding the complex interactions and dynamic feedbacks among them.

The call for proposals with instructions regarding researchers from Sao Paulo State is available (in Portuguese) at:

The complete call for proposals can be found at the National Science Foundation website – link:

Selected proposal:

Collaborative Research: Dimensions US-So Paulo: Integrating phylogeny, genetics, and chemical ecology to unravel the tangled bank of the multipartite fungus-farming ant symbiosis

Processo / Grant number


Acordo / Agreement

FAPESP – NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity

Pesq. Resp. / PI

Andr Rodrigues

Pesq. Resp. Ext. / PI abroad

Bryn Dentinger

Instit. sede / Host Institution

Centro de Estudos de Insetos Sociais/CEIS/UNESP

Instit. Parceira / Partner institution

The University of Utah/TUU

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