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New opportunity for collaboration with the UK

New opportunity for collaboration with the UK

FAPESP and the British Council select collaborative proposals to Newton Fund’s Biodiversity in Latin America program (photo: Edo Miura / Wikimedia)

FAPESP and the British Council announce a new call for collaborative proposals between researchers from the State of São Paulo, researchers from the United Kingdom, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Mexico

The call is supported by the “Newton Fund Institutional Links Programme – Biodiversity in Latin America”, designed to provide trans-regional level understanding of biodiversity and ecosystems’ functioning and services, informing management for sustainable development, balancing environmental, economic and social needs.

The first phase of the program ran capacity building and mobility schemes, boosting the interaction between Latin American countries and the UK.

The second phase will now fund research expeditions aimed at documenting biodiversity and its links with society in the countries that integrate this call for proposals: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru.

Applications to this call are not restricted to successful applicants in the first phase.

In Brazil, only researchers associated with higher education and/or research institutions in the State of São Paulo are eligible to apply. Those interested must consult FAPESP about their eligibility.

Submission rules will follow the scheme of FAPESP’s Regular Research Awards ( Exceptions are described in the call for proposals.

Priority research areas include: Understanding habitats and species; Biodiversity for sustainable livelihoods and bio-economy; Global Climate Change, biodiversity and ecosystems; Maintaining and restoring natural capital.

Submissions will be received until June 21, 2018.

The call for proposals is available at

Guidelines for researchers from the State of São Paulo are available (in Portuguese) at: