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FAPESP and CSTC open a new call for proposals

FAPESP and CSTC open a new call for proposals

Collaborative projects among researchers from Iran and the State of São Paulo will be funded (image: CSTC)

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and the Cognitive Science and Technology Council of Iran (CSTC) announce a new call for joint research projects.

The call is open to interested researchers affiliated with higher education or research institutions in Iran and in the State of São Paulo in the field of interdisciplinary brain and cognition studies.

The goal of CSTC and FAPESP is to form and strengthen collaboration among interdisciplinary teams of Brazilian-Iranian researchers proposing joint research in the frontiers of science and technologies as well as on transferring and developing cognitive services and tools for the two nations.

The research themes are: Human Brain Mapping; Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation Tools and Services; Developing 4D (Temporal, Electrical, Chemical, and Optical) Brain Interface Tools; Brain and Cognition Studies for Education; and Social Cognition.

As a general rule, the funding is for two years with a balanced contribution from each agency. Up to three projects will be funded.

The CSTC is prepared to fund the projects with a total of up to USD 30,000 per project/per year. FAPESP is also prepared to fund for the equivalent amount of up to USD 30,000 per project/per year.

For the applicant researcher in the State of São Paulo, the collaborative proposal must be submitted to FAPESP as a Regular Research Award. Applicants in the State of São Paulo must submit to FAPESP through a customized path of the SAGe system.

Applicants in Iran must first register and complete their profile at CSTC website ( and use their CSTC portal to register their applications online before the deadline.

The closing date for submission of proposals is April 07th, 2018.

The call is published at: