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FAPESP announces new call for proposals with the Belmont Forum

FAPESP announces new call for proposals with the Belmont Forum

Opportunity aims to fund collaborative research in "Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services" (photo: BIODIVERSA)

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) announces a new call for research proposals with the Belmont Forum, group of member organizations with the mission to encourage research on global changes.

The "Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services" call also includes BiodivERsA, a network of national and regional funding organisations promoting pan-European research on biodiversity and ecosystem services. BiodivERsA is funded under the Horizon 2020 ERA-NET COFUND scheme.

The call seek to promote innovative research for wiser decision-making, by developing scenarios of biodiversity change and its associated ecosystem services, resulting from the complex interaction of socio-economic changes and global environmental changes through collaborative, international, inter- and transdisciplinary research projects.

This call is supported by Belmont Forum selected funding agencies from different countries and also by BiodivERsA. 25 funding organisations from 22 countries are joining this call.

The call will address the two following major (non-exclusive) priorities:

  • Development and application of scenarios of biodiversity and ecosystem services across spatial scales of relevance to multiple types of decisions.

  • Consideration of multiple dimensions of biodiversity and ecosystem services in biodiversity scenarios

Proponents from the State of São Paulo must be established researchers with a proven track record of participating in international interdisciplinary projects in the topic areas of the proposal. Proposals should follow the overall conditions of FAPESP Regular Research Awards.

It is highly recommended that interested researchers consult FAPESP regarding their eligibility prior to consortium pre registration preparation. This procedure should avoid unnecessary efforts of researchers that ultimately would not be able to participate at the collaborative project.

Eligibility consultations should be sent only to the email address before November 10th.

The call will support collaborative research projects of multinational research teams for 36 months, to be selected with a two-stage procedure (Pre Registration stage followed by a Full Proposal stage for the projects that successfully go through the previous stage).

Funding should support proposals that combine significant contributions by scientists from at least three of the participating countries.

The call for proposals is available at: