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FAPESP will support research internships in Italian universities

FAPESP will support research internships in Italian universities

Call for Proposals offer opportunities for fellowship granting in Masters, Doctorate, Honour Doctorate and Post Doctorate modalities (foto: Università di Bologna)

FAPESP will support short and medium term research internships in Italian universities. FAPESP fellowship holders in the modalities stated above are welcome to apply. The submission must follow the same requirements for the Research Internships Abroad (BEPE) Program.

The conditions are described at the specific FAPESP call for proposals and aim to strengthen research cooperation between researchers from Brazil and researchers in Italy by offering fellowships to support the exchange of students.

The call is based on the cooperation agreement signed on February 1st, 2017, between CONFAP and the University of Bologna, acting as technical secretariat of the network of Italian universities, and is issued under the Mobility CONFAP/Italy Program (MCI).

The fellowship levels available in this call are: Masters (BEPE-MS) – for graduate students; Doctorate (BEPE-DR) and Honours Doctorate (BEPE-DD) – for graduate students; Post-doctorate (BEPE-PD) – for talented scientists associated to research projects.

The research internship in Italy will be necessarily part of the research project in a regular FAPESP fellowship in the State of São Paulo and support cannot be requested independently. The applicant must have a collaborator associated to a university in Italy as their supervisor (host researcher).

The approval of the research internship in Italy implies the interruption of the FAPESP fellowship in the State of São Paulo, to be resumed after the student/researcher returns from abroad.

The deadline for submission is August 8th , 2017.

The call for proposals is available at: