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DFG and FAPESP celebrate 10 years of partnership

DFG and FAPESP celebrate 10 years of partnership

Institutions maintain active collaboration through various funding opportunities for German and Brazilian researchers (photo: FAPESP)

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of their Cooperation Agreement, that aim to foster research in all fields, DFG and FAPESP would like to call attention to the various joint funding opportunities for research collaboration that are available to scientists in Germany and colleagues in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

These opportunities follow the general funding schemes and budget availability of each organization.

The announcement is published at the DFG website and at the FAPESP website offering opportunities within DFG’s Joint Research Grants (FAPESP’s Regular Research Grants), Joint Coordinated Programs (FAPESP’s Thematic research Grants), as well as guest visits and joint workshops

Joint Research Grants

At any time, researchers from Germany and the state of São Paulo can submit research proposals in order to receive funding to jointly perform a German-Brazilian research project.

Scientists in Germany applying to DFG must follow the eligibility criteria and guidelines of the “Research Grants Programme”. Researchers in São Paulo shall submit the joint proposal to FAPESP considering the “Regular Research Grants” modality. Funding can be provided for research projects of up to three years.

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Joint coordinated programmes

FAPESP and DFG offer funding for bilateral joint coordinated programmes, such as “Research Training Groups”, “Research Units” as well as “Collaborative Research Centers”. Groups of German and Brazilian researchers wishing to perform a coordinated project within those funding lines should follow the guidelines of the respective programmes at DFG.

Joint proposals shall be submitted to DFG according to their particular submission procedures. In parallel, the Principal Investigator of the group in the state of São Paulo shall submit the same proposal considering the FAPESP's Thematic Projects Research Grant.

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Other opportunities for bilateral collaboration

To facilitate the initiation of bilateral collaborations DFG and FAPESP are open continuously to receive proposals for funding research visits as well as joint workshops.

German applicants wishing to re-ceive funding by DFG for this purpose must to follow the guidelines and criteria of the "Initiation of International Collaboration" programme.

Researchers in the state of São Paulo applying to FAPESP, may submit proposals according to FAPESP’s programmes for international collaboration.

Proposals to both funding organizations can be submitted at any time in the respective funding programmes. Funds are provided by DFG and FAPESP according to their own criteria and guidelines.

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