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FAPESP and Innovation Fund Denmark announce new call for proposals

FAPESP and Innovation Fund Denmark announce new call for proposals

Projects from researchers in the State of São Paulo and Denmark who conduct research within the food science area will be funded (foto: CSIRO/Wikimedia)

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) announce a new call for research proposals.

The call is open to researchers from universities, research institutions and private companies in the State of São Paulo, Brazil and Denmark who conduct research within the food science area.

FAPESP and the IFD expect to jointly fund up to four projects with a total amount of around U$S 2,960 million for all projects.

Requested funding may cover research and travel expenses (for example, payroll expenses, research training, equipment, travel costs, living allowances and insurance costs) according to each institution’s guidelines.

In the State of São Paulo, eligible applicants are researchers who comply with the Thematic Project (projects with duration of 48 months) or Regular Research Awards (up to 36 months) eligibility criteria.

In Denmark, the call is open for any Danish proposers who comply with the IFD criteria for eligibility.

The project must be written jointly by Brazilian and Danish researchers and must reflect unison close cooperation. It is expected that research activities of importance to the expected outcome are being conducted on both sides and that the project volume and the intellectual contribution is evenly balanced between Brazilian and Danish researchers.

For both regions, it is of major importance to provide solutions within the field of food science in order to accommodate to the challenges related to “Bio-refinery" and/or “Food and Health”.

The call is open to joint research proposals within the following research topics:

  • New sources of bioactive compounds and new ingredients for functional and fortification purposes in foods.

  • Biological non-food products from waste residues.

  • Healthy and sustainable food/meals based on animal, marine or plant components, with retained nutritional values, produced from emerging new technologies.

  • Innovative research within agriculture, food production, food processing and other biological production based on for example information and communication technologies, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and/or user driven innovation.

  • Improved food and feed value chain by sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, production methods, systems and processes, including storage and logistics, and technologies that minimize waste and improve productivity.

  • Research in food safety and quality aspects related to perishable food products.

  • The relation between diet and lifestyle, including factors determined by changes in work and leisure; the interaction between diet and genes; the development of improved and well-founded dietary recommendations which will contribute individually or in combination to an improvement in health at the individual, group and country level.

Researchers interested in proposing at any of FAPESP’s funding modalities must necessarily consult FAPESP regarding their eligibility before initiating the preparation of a joint proposal. Eligibility inquiries will be accepted up to November 25th, 2016.

The call for proposals is published at: