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FAPESP, British Council and ANII select workshops

FAPESP, British Council and ANII select workshops

Three events that will bring together researchers from the UK, Uruguay and the State of So Paulo were selected (photo: British Council)

The So Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), the British Council and the Agencia Nacional de Investigacin e Innovacin de Uruguay (ANII) announce the result of a call for proposals to support the organization of research workshops issued in April, 2016.

The initiative was announced under the scope of Researcher Links program, supported by the Newton Fund (United Kingdom), and the cooperation agreement between FAPESP and ANII.

The call aims to provide financial support to bring together a UK / So Paulo State, Brazil / Uruguay cohort of early career researchers to take part in a workshop focusing on building links for future collaborations and enhancing career opportunities. FAPESP, the British Council and ANII will jointly fund the workshops.

The workshops will be held in English in the State of So Paulo and in Uruguay. The events will be coordinated by three leading researchers: one from a UK institution, one from an institution in the State of So Paulo and one from a Uruguay institution.



Jose Alberto Cuminato
Inst. Cincias Matemticas Computao So Carlos / USP

Hermes Gadelha
Univ. of York

Raul Donangelo
Univ. de la Republica

Science and Innovation Perspectives on Bio-Soft Matter

So Sebastio - SP - Brazil
20-24 March 2017

FAPESP grant: 2016/50233-0

Haroldo Fraga De Campos Velho
Inst. Nacional Pesquisas Espaciais / MCTI

Tristan Pryer
Univ. of Reading

Ernesto Mordecki
Centro de Matematica – Univ. de la Republica

Climate Change Initiative for Adaptation. Resilience and Mitigation

So Jos dos Campos - SP - Brazil
24-28 March 2017

FAPESP grant: 2016/50240-6

Maria Suely Kofes
Inst. Filosofia Cincias Humanas / Unicamp

Margaret Bolton
Univ. of Aberdeen

Susana Rostagnol
Univ. de la Republica

How Anthropology Can Contribute to Affirmative Action in South America in the Fields of Human Rights, Gender Equality and Enviromental Sustainability

Montevideo - Uruguay
20-24 February 2017

FAPESP grant: 2016/50238-1

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