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FAPESP and NSF select research project in biodiversity

FAPESP and NSF select research project in biodiversity

Institutions will fund a collaborative project with researchers from Instituto Butantan and Ohio State University (foto: BIOTA-FAPESP)

The So Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) announce the result of a call for research proposals for scientific cooperation through their programs, BIOTA and Dimensions of Biodiversity.

The institutions will fund a project that will be conducted by researchers from Instituto Butantan and from The Ohio State University.

This call for proposals for 2016 is based in a broader call for proposals published annually by the NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity’s Program, which invites the participation of US researchers to apply for NSF’s regular funding or co-funding opportunities under NSF agreements with FAPESP and other agencies.

The duration of the research project must be 5 years with possibility of extension for up to 12 additional months, in exceptional condition, as justified and approved by the corresponding agency.



Inacio de Loiola Meirelles Junqueira de Azevedo
Instituto Butantan / SSSP

Harold Lisle Gibbs
Ohio State University

Dimensions US-BIOTA So Paulo: Scales of biodiversity: Integrated studies of snake venom evolution and function across multiple levels of diversity.

FAPESP grant: 2016/50127-5

The call for proposal is available at:

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