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Jayme A. Souza-Neto

Jayme A. Souza-Neto

Steering Committees for Special Programs - FAPESP Program for Research on the Zika Virus

Dr. Jayme Souza-Neto holds a bachelor degree in Biology from Northern Rio de Janeiro State University (UENF, 2002) and PhD in Genetics from São Paulo State University Institute of Biosciences (IBB/UNESP, 2006). Dr. Souza-Neto has a Postdoctoral training at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (2008-2011) in the field of vector-pathogen interactions functional genomics. He currently is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Bioprocesses and Biotechnology and coordinates the Vector Functional Genomics & Microbiology Laboratory (Vectomics) from the UNESP Institute of Biotechnology (Botucatu). Dr. Souza-Neto is also affiliated to Keele University and Imperial College London as Visiting Lecturer and Visiting Researcher, respectively.

Dr. Souza-Neto studies vector-pathogens interactions focusing on the identification of genes and bacteria to block the transmission of human pathogens. He coordinates research activities with British groups under the FAPESP-Keele and FAPESP-Imperial college cooperative agreements. His work has been published in prestigious scientific magazines such as Nature, Science, PNAS and PLoS journals.

He is a FAPESP Young Leader (STS forum 2014) and Young Investigator Awardee since 2013, actively acting in national and British funding agencies’ scientific panels (FAPESP, Confap, MRC-UK, Newton Fund). Dr. Souza-Neto is a member of the São Paulo State Zika Network and the coordinator of the UNESP Arboviroses Network.