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FAPESP and NWO announce result of call for proposals

FAPESP and NWO announce result of call for proposals

Four collaborative projects with researchers from São Paulo and the Netherlands in Astronomy were selected (image: NASA)

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) announce the result of a call for proposals issued by the institutions in 2015.

The aim of this call is to strengthen research cooperation between researchers from the State of São Paulo and from the Netherlands by funding joint research projects in the field of Advanced Instrumentation for Astronomy.

Four research projects were selected and will be funded by FAPESP and NWO.



Silvia Cristina Fernandes Rossi

Lex Kaper
University of Amsterdam

MOSAIC: The Multi-Object Spectrograph for the ESO Extremely Large Telescope

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50374-0

Jacques Raymond Daniel Lepine

Wilfred Boland
The Netherlands Research School For Astronomy

Astrophysics with LLAMA through providing and integrating band-9 receiver

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50359-0

Zulema Abraham

Marc Klein Wolt
Radboud University

Towards imaging the event horizon of a black hole (EHT)

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50360-9

Marcelo Augusto Leigui de Oliveira

Matthew Kenworthy
Leiden University

Adaptive optics development for extremely large telescopes

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50373-3

The call for proposals is available at: