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Marcelo Nakagawa

Marcelo Nakagawa

Area Panel - Research for Innovation

Bachelors in Business Administration (USP, 1996), MSc in Business and Planning (PUC, 2002) and PhD in Industrial Engineering (POLI-USP, 2008).

Dr. Nakagawa is entrepreneurship and innovation professor at INSPER Institute of Education and Research and entrepreneurship director at FIAP.

Works in the field of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, having published 2 books, co-authored another 3 titles and other papers and articles. He is entrepreneurship columnist at O Estado de So Paulo newspaper and Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negcios magazine.

He also carries out research in the fields of new business creation, innovation management, corporate entrepreneurship and startups. He developed entrepreneurship education programs including Bota Pra Fazer (Endeavor), Inovativa Brasil (MDIC), Empreenda e Conexes (SENAC) e StartupOne (FIAP).

Dr. Nakagawa has more than 20 years professional background in industries such as banking, strategic consulting, venture capital, innovation, private equity and education.

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