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Microscópio Super-resolução Leica SR GSD 3D

Setting New Standardsin 3D Localization Precision Stochastical optical reconstruction microscopy (GSDIM or dSTORM) can achieve super-resolution images with a lateral resolution of down to 20 nm. However the z-resolution of a widefield microscope limited resolution around several hundred nanometers. As a pioneer in super-resolution microscopy, Leica Microsystems developed the Leica SR GSD 3D to overcome this limit. This system reaches resolution down to 50 nm in axial direction, setting a new standard in 3D localization precision. Widefield super-resolution with ground state depletion Maximum resolution in X,Y down to 20 nm Maximum resolution in Z down to 50 nm The SuMo Stage, with Suppressed Motion technology, minimizes drift for accurate localization of molecules Online super-resolution image projection – see results as they are acquired Full application flexibility offered by combining super-resolution with TIRF and epifluorescence on a multi-purpose live cell imaging system Standard fluorochromes can be used – no need to change protocols Powerful lasers for the highest flexibility in fluorochrome selection
Estabelecimento da metodologia de medidas de cálcio intracelular por indicadores geneticamente codificados para avaliar processos de proliferação, diferenciação e morte celular
  • Processo FAPESP 2011/23197-9
  • Instituto de Farmacologia e Biologia Molecular
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