Program - Workshop on Impacts of Global Climate Change on Agriculture and Livestock


May 27, 2014

08:30 am

Welcome coffee and registration

09:00 am

Opening ceremony

09:20 am

Climate impacts on agriculture: Implications for crop production.
Jerry Hatfield
(United States Department of Agriculture, USA)

09:50 am

Molecular, biochemical, physiological and agronomic responses of soybean to climate change.
Lisa Ainsworth (USDA, ARS - UIUC, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, USA)

10:20 am

Physiological and growth maize to climate change.
Carl Bernacchi 
(USDA, ARS - UIUC, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, USA)

10:50 am

Coffee Break

11:10 am

Carbon Cycle Impacts of Agriculture: Emphasis on changes in soil.
Roser Matamala (Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, USA)

11:40 am

Impact of land use change in the tropics on the dynamics of microbial diversity, composition and distribution.
Sui Mui Tsai
(CENA/USP, Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture/University of São Paulo, Piracicaba, Brazil)

12:10 am

Questions and commentaries

12:30 am

Lunch (restaurants around FAPESP)

02:00 pm

Global warming and the new geography of the Brazilian agriculture production – III.
Hilton Silveira Pinto
(UNICAMP, University of Campinas, Brazil)

02:30 pm

Impact of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration of and water availability on coffee agroecosystem under FACE - First results.
Raquel Ghini
(EMBRAPA, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Jaguariúna, Brazil)
Emerson Alves da Silva (IBot, Instituto de Botânica de São Paulo, Brazil)

03:00 pm

Impact of management practices in the gas emission of sugarcane areas of São Paulo state, in Brazil.
Newton La Scala Jr (UNESP, The Universidade Estadual Paulista, SP, Brazil)

03:30 pm

Coffee Break

03:50 pm

Soil carbon stock and land use change for sugarcane cultivation in Brasil.
Carlos Cerri (CENA/USP, Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture/University of Sao Paulo, Piracicaba, Brazil)

04:20 pm

Physiological and agronomic responses of tropical forages to climate change: First results of Trop T-FACE experiment.
Carlos Martinez (USP, University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil)

04:50 pm

Questions and Commentaries

05:00 pm

Roundtable and Closing Remarks: Challenges from the past to the future